School life

School is an integral part of everyone's life. Besides spending twelve years intensively learning and mastering new skills, it is also the place where we meet lifelong friends, face first love thrills and disappointments, meet the challenges and changes of growing up, learn to deal with conflict situations and discover the world around us. This is where the magic of the school lies!

In first grade, we are still afraid of the unknown, of the big building and the long corridors.

Second-third grade we are already braver. We know most of the children and teachers, and we are no longer the youngest.

Fourth, fifth, sixth grade. We already know how things stand here. We know which aunt in the canteen gives extra dessert and in the presence of which teacher we must not copy. We have years of experience, but there are still so many new and unknown things to discover. It happens that we quarrel with a classmate or get into some other mess.

Seventh - eighth grade. It's like we're in first grade again, but this time more independent. In the new school, things and people are different, but somehow familiar. And here there are long corridors, flowers in the teacher's room, strict and cheerful teachers, many children - both older and smaller, and braver and more timid. Sometimes it's hard to find your new place.

Ninth - tenth grade. Learning itself is not so interesting anymore. There are other, more important things, like falling in love for the first time or fighting with your best friend. How to prepare for graduation when your mind is occupied by excitement and worries that you have not faced before?

Eleven - twelve.. We look around and the long corridor is not as long as it seemed to us in first grade. Desks have shrunk by half. We say goodbye, but we are happy. We are sad, but also eager to go on the path we have chosen.

It went by so fast, and so many things happened to us at this school! There are incidents that we will remember forever and tell at every convenient opportunity. And there are things that we would like to forget, that they had never happened, that we had not seen them...

If you have not yet completed your school journey and things happen that make you feel worried, confused, misunderstood, offended, hurt, rejected, it is important to know that you can always turn to the school psychologist.

You can also contact the NATIONAL TELEPHONE LINE FOR CHILDREN by dialing 116 111. We will listen to all your concerns and, together with you, we will find a solution. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!