Friendship is one of the most significant relationships in human life, and during school years the need for it is most tangible.

Some people are more sociable and make friends easily. Others are more withdrawn and closed, it is more difficult to initiate social contacts and, accordingly, they communicate with a more limited circle of people. However, friendship is not measured in quantity, and those who are surrounded by many people do not always have true friends. We talk about true friendship when the relationship between us is based on mutual sympathy, understanding, help and support. When we trust and are loyal to each other.

Friendship doesn't happen overnight. It is a long process in which two people get to know each other, find common interests, share ideas and respect their differences. The path of friendship is littered with many unforgettable moments and vicissitudes where you laugh and cry together, share your secrets, get into trouble, find solutions, fight and then make up. Each friendship is unique in itself and each of the people we communicate with has a different and irreplaceable role in our lives. So value your friends and treat them as you would expect them to treat you.

If you find it difficult to make friends and feel lonely, misunderstood or rejected, contact the NATIONAL CHILD LINE on 116 111. We will listen and support you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!